Whores of Mensa 1 - the piece of stapled A3 that made Whores world conquest a possibility.

This issue is completely sold out but we're happy to offer a story or two.

To whit....Dojo of Love - by MARDOU
The Society of Dead Poets - by JEREMY DAY
Justin Timberlake Laid My Laminate - by LUCY SWEET
Hipsters - by MARDOU

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Surely you've heard of that super-duper luxury liner, the HMS Whores of Mensa?

Copies are thin on the ground, but here's a special COLOR version of a Jeremy Dennis two-pager from this very issue!

And lo, Ellen's story! And Mardou's!

Truly a bountiful land, and a voyage to remember.

In which we take you on a Wildean tour of an opium-drenched Edwardian sadness, offer an eastern pastiche of Jane Eyre, and blow the cover off the belly-dancing industry.

What else could it be, but the Harim issue? Almost sold out, you can buy copies of this issue direct from Ellen.

The Paris issue. Like the city itself, this issue was only a beautiful dream.

In a year of toil and trouble for Whores of Mensa, we had to withdraw it
from publication.

It's a damn shame, but fear not! We'll be posting some of the less inflammatory stories here very soon.